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Mug printing is a profitable small business that you can start in the comfortable confines of your home. Also, you don't need any fancy setup or manpower as this is something you can take on solo and make money out of it. There is also very little investment involved in this kind of business. If you are an entrepreneur who would like to start a small printing business, check mug printing machine prices in Pakistan on our page and read on for more insightful information.


Mug Printing Machine Types & Methods

There are four types of printing methods that are used by mug printers these days such as direct screen printing, litho or transfer printing, digital printing, dye sublimation and pad printing. If you want the best graphics, opt for the dye sublimation as they are the best in the business and provide vibrant colours and crystal clear results.

Printed Mug Uses

Mugs are easily available online and at crockery shops, thrift stores, superstores, dollar stores etc. They are also not very expensive and the plain white ceramic mugs can be the lowest priced options available. With a mug printing machine you can print your favourite movie character, logo, quote, scenery, wordings, photo or design on your mugs and start a small business out of it. Here are some of the ways one can use printed mugs. 

1. Cute Gift Option

Gift stores have beautifully printed mugs that you can gift to your loved ones or keep as a decoration piece for your bedroom. People love sipping coffee out of their favourite coffee mug. Gifting one to you loved ones would always remind them of you whenever they drink coffee from your gifted mug or when they read the loving statement you printed for them.

2. Holder & Decorative Item

A printed mug can be used as a holder for pens, pencils, makeup brushes, lip liners, stationery, toothbrushes etc. It can also be used as a small desktop planter, for flower decoration, holding potpourri or candies and the unbreakable variety can be used for scented candle making etc. You can simply keep it empty and place it anywhere in the house and it will still look lovely with the designs and statements printed on it. 

3. Great Brand Exposure Tool

Mugs with your company's logo and slogan printed on them are also a popular business gift and help promote your business. It is like adding a personal touch to your business promotions.

Tips & Comments

Whichever printing method or mug printing machine you opt for, make sure to choose the one that doesn't use harmful substances such as lead and cadmium. Always go for environmentally friendly options. It is easier to print on glazed ceramic mugs but if you don't have any, you can use other techniques such as ink transfer and water-slide decal. Check out mug printing machines from various sellers on our page and buy them at best prices in Pakistan.

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