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The Lowest price of Msi Laptop in Pakistan is Rs.68,699 and estimated average price is Rs.273,195.


MSI laptops are among the high-end producers of powerful machines, known for laptops that are designed for high-performance work such as gaming, video editors and designers. Built with powerful components, the latest in hard drive tech and large amounts of RAM to power the workings. A reliable brand that is from a higher price point.


The MSI brand

A brand created out of downsizing at Sony in the 1980s. A group of engineers that were let go started a foundry like enterprise that built the motherboards and other components for larger brands. MSI today produces a range of products including desktops, monitors, graphics cards, motherboards, gaming peripherals and laptops.

MSI laptops

Geared for higher performance the laptops at MSI fall into three main categories which are Gaming, Content Creators and Work Stations. The gaming line is their more commonly known range, with a host of options that are designed with just that in mind. High-end graphics cards are common in these machines, to render smooth graphics. The main processors are also the more powerful ones to be able to handle the heavy load of a game. With SSDs that are the new NVMe PCIe Gen3, in comparison to the older SATA SSDs. This makes for super-fast read and write times, making storage-related tasks quick. There are variants that allow up to 128GB of RAM or the lower end which is still a large 64GB. MSI makes gaming laptops mostly in black, with simple line design. The Titan range though has white and is the top end, with chunkier laptops that have more powerful cooling systems.

The content creator segment of MSI laptops is for people who are working on a graphic element in their tasks. With the same ability as gaming laptops to be powerful machines that can take on complex tasks. These are geared for makers of content, whether it is video editing, music production or graphic design. The work station line is among some of the most powerful laptops available, with a leaning towards even more high-performance tasks such as 3D modelling. The work station line from MSI laptops are certified by industry-leading Independent Software Vendors. 

MSI is able to improve their cooling system, this alone is why they are more expensive than laptops in a similar spec range from Dell, Lenovo and HP. The better cooling means their laptop performs better even with the same specs, heating is the main source of a system tiring out. MSI laptops are costly due to the build and powerful components.

Price List

Model Price
MSI GS65 Stealth 15.6" 9SX Gaming Laptop Rs. 435,099
MSI GS73 Stealth-016 17.3" Core i7 8th Gen GeForc… Rs. 318,217
MSI GS65 Stealth Thin-050 15.6" Core i7 8th Gen G… Rs. 292,807
MSI GF65 15.6" Core i7 9th Gen 8GB 512GB SSD 6GB … Rs. 181,988
MSI GE73 Raider RGB-011 17.3" Core i7 8th Gen GeF… Rs. 241,987
MSI GT63 Titan-047 15.6" Core i7 8th Gen GeForce … Rs. 305,512
MSI GL62M 7REX-1067 15.6" Core i7 7th Gen GeForce… Rs. 155,899
MSI GE72MVR Apache Pro-001 17.3" Core i7 7th Gen … Rs. 267,397
MSI GL72M 7RDX-800 17.3" Core i7 7th Gen GeForce … Rs. 149,099
MSI Summit 13.4" Core i7 11th Gen 16GB 1TB SSD To… Rs. 269,800
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