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The Lowest price of Mp3 Player in Pakistan is Rs.99 and estimated average price is Rs.16,671.


Mp3 players are very convenient devices for people who would like to carry their music with them. One does not always have access to the internet so streaming can be an issue. Mp3 players have varying amounts of space; the number of songs can range from a few hundred to thousands. The price range that Mp3 players are available at is also wide. Which you choose to buy is a matter of your budget.


Mp3 players

A portable device designed to play digital audio files that are stored on it. With either a jack for headphones or Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless experience. There are many different variations in design and build. Some versions have a simple TFT display while others have LCD screens that display the album art as well. With some Mp3 players, there is a touch screen but it is more common to find devices that have push or toggle buttons that allow one to browse their collection. The first Mp3 player was the 'MPMan F10', developed by a South Korean company SaeHan Information Systems.

Most players are able to play more audio file formats aside from Mp3, such as Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Vorbis, FLAC, Speex and Ogg. Making it convenient to have a device that can handle more formats that one may not have had time to convert. Some Mp3 players have FM Radio featured on them as well.

Battery time varies but most claim long playing hours. The batteries can either be built-in or replaceable. Modern Mp3 players have also incorporated high-quality playback ability, with some that also have a balanced audio jack. This creates a way better aural experience.

Essentially the Apple iPod Touch is a specific brand of an Mp3 player. With the iPod Touch it has more functions, similar to the Apple iPhone, sans the ability to call via a SIM. Aside from that SanDisk and Sony produce good quality Mp3 players. The prices of Mp3 players vary from cheap to very expensive. Generally the more space and features it has the more it costs.

Price List

Model Price
Mini Mp3 Player Support 8Gb Micro Sd Tf Card Usb … Rs. 499
MP3 Player, Shuffler with Hands Free and Charging… Rs. 499
Car MP3 Player with FM Modulator Rs. 350
MP3 Player with Hands Free and Data Cable Rs. 499
MP3 Player WIRELESS Bluetooth SPEAKER, USB Speak… Rs. 699
Mp3 Player With Handsfree Rs. 349
Wireless Bluetooth Mp3 Speaker - LED Dancing Flas… Rs. 799
Mini Mp3 Player Support 8Gb Micro Sd Tf Card Usb … Rs. 350
Mini MP3 Player Plastic Body (Multi Color) Rs. 399
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