Mozzarella Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Mozzarella in Pakistan is Rs.315 and estimated average price is Rs.651.


One of the more commonly known kinds of cheese, thanks to pizza. Mozzarella is easy to find in Pakistan, with local producers making it as well. The price of mozzarella cheese in Pakistan varies, the imported brands being more expensive. The local ones are priced nominally.


Mozzarella cheese

The cheese that makes a pizza what it is, there can never be too much mozzarella. Mozzarella cheese is known to possess elasticity, especially when heated. This being the reason why the cheese on pizza becomes string-like when you are lifting a slice from the rest of the pie.

Mozzarella is made from milk, it can be milk from a few different animals, but purists feel it can only truly be made from the milk of the water buffalo.


A part of some of the world favourite foods, mozzarella is easily available in Pakistan. Fresh mozzarella as well.

The brands that are known in Pakistan include Adam's, Monti Cristo, Happy Cow and President. The latter two brands make mozzarella in slice form, making it easy to add to one's burger. The price is dependant on the brand, the local brands such as Adam's cost a lot less.

Price List

Model Price
Adam's Mozzarella Cheese 400g Rs. 985
Nurpur Mozzarella Cheese, 200g Rs. 535
Adam's Mozzarella Cheese 200g Rs. 510
Delizia Mozzarella Cheese, Natural, 200g Rs. 480
Delizia Mozzarella Slice Cheese, 10-Pack, 200g Rs. 515
Deen's Mozzarella Cheese, 200g Rs. 460
Happy Cow Mozzarella Slice, 10-Pack, 200g Rs. 990
Delizia Mozzarella Cheese, Natural, 400g Rs. 895
Deen's Mozzarella Cheese, 400g Rs. 850
Cottage Soft Cheese Mozzarella Slab 200g Rs. 360
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