Moulinex Toaster Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Moulinex Toaster in Pakistan is Rs.4,667 and estimated average price is Rs.6,123.


Toasters are needed in all kitchens, it is the easiest way to prepare your bread. Moulinex has a few options one can choose from, the prices are generally affordable.


Moulinex is a French brand that has a lot of different appliances available. The brand also produces toasters that are a need for almost every kitchen. The designs are simple and compact so one can easily have this set on the countertop.

A toaster is a quick and efficient way to toast your bread slices for breakfast or whenever you need them. Moulinex toasters come with a timer so you can adjust how well-done you want your toast to be, some people like them more brown while others prefer a light brown.

As soon as the timer is done, the toast pops out ready for you to eat. Most of the options are for two slices at a time, but some models even have the ability to prepare 4 slices in one go.

The price of Moulinex toasters is in an affordable range, adding a lot of value to your kitchen with this small appliance.

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex LT-340811 Slice Toaster Rs. 6,329
Moulinex Slice Toaster (LT140827) Rs. 5,778
Moulinex Slice Toaster (LT260811) Rs. 4,667
Moulinex LT260811 Slice Toaster Rs. 5,929
Moulinex Subito 2 Slice Toaster (LT340811) Rs. 6,499
Moulinex LT176530 Toaster Rs. 7,249
Moulinex Subito Toaster (LT176530) Rs. 5,333
Moulinex LT-140827 Toaster Rs. 7,249
Moulinex Slice Toaster (LT160111) Rs. 5,000
Moulinex Principio Toaster (LT160127) Rs. 7,199
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