Moulinex Grinder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Moulinex Grinder in Pakistan is Rs.3,999 and estimated average price is Rs.11,166.


Moulinex is a French brand that produces appliances, one can also find grinders from this brand. A useful device for the kitchen to prepare foods when they need to be ground or mixed. The price of a Moulinex grinder is in the mid-range.


A kitchen grinder is very useful to prepare various foods, it is similar to a blender as both machines mix things but a grinder is better with solid items such as spices. It can make powder out of spices with ease. Some blenders have a smaller container that can be swapped out and used as a grinder.

Moulinex has a few options for grinders, you can choose based on the one you need and also your budget. A grinder can help you prepare meats, spices and also sauces if you need.

A Moulinex grinder will keep refining the ingredients put into it, if you want a certain degree of grinding you have to time it right. Longer periods make the things inside finer and finer, and at the end, you are left with powder.

These grinders can easily fit on the countertop and do not take up too much space.


The price of a Moulinex grinder is in the mid-range, making it a valuable appliance for all the tasks it can help with.

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex Coffee Grinder MC300132 Rs. 9,600
Moulinex 4-In-1 La Moulinette Chopper, 1000W, DPA… Rs. 14,800
Moulinex Easy Force Multi Purpose Food Processor,… Rs. 17,800
Moulinex AR110010 Grinder Rs. 7,249
Moulinex LM-423127 Blender Rs. 9,499
Moulinex DD-101141 Hand Blender Rs. 6,699
Moulinex AD811161 Chopper Rs. 8,999
Moulinex ME511H25 Meat Mincer Rs. 19,599
Moulinex LM-207041 Blender Rs. 10,099
Moulinex MC300132 Coffee Grinder Rs. 5,529
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