Moulinex Food Processor Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Moulinex Food Processor in Pakistan is Rs.12,222 and estimated average price is Rs.27,824.


Reducing your prep time in the kitchen is helpful and food processors can aid that by a large margin. Moulinex has different food processors one can purchase to reduce their work time while making food. The prices are in an affordable mid-range for most options.


Moulinex is a French brand that has many appliances for you to use, this also includes food processors. These machines are made to aid you in the kitchen, reducing your working time by taking on some tasks and doing them faster.

A food processor comes in a few different forms, one is just for grinding and others also have a blender attachment as the basics are the same, both are motor powered. Although things chopped in a food processor retain some texture as one does not need to add water.

Depending on the food processor you choose from Moulinex it can chop, dice, slice and blend as well if needed. These are repetitive tasks and can be made easier with a machine handling them. The blades and tops can be changed to get the exact kind of execution you are looking for.

Certain models from Moulinex also have a kneader so you can set it to prepare dough.

One can choose the model that works best for their needs and also the budget they have in mind. The prices are generally in an affordable mid-level range.

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex Food Processor FP7331BM Rs. 58,550
Moulinex Food Processor FP542110 Rs. 19,950
Moulinex Double Force Multi Purpose Food Processo… Rs. 29,000
Moulinex Easy Force Multi Purpose Food Processor,… Rs. 17,800
Moulinex Food Processor FP247127 Rs. 29,650
Moulinex Food Processor DJ755G32 Rs. 21,050
Moulinex Masterchef Food Processor (FP513125) Rs. 16,889
Moulinex Double Force Food Processor (FP825E10) Rs. 27,999
Moulinex Food Processor (FP-7331) Rs. 26,111
Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet Food Processor Red Ru… Rs. 31,667
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