Moulinex Coffee Grinder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Moulinex Coffee Grinder in Pakistan is Rs.3,999 and estimated average price is Rs.5,985.


Fresh ground coffee is prefered by enthusiasts as the flavour retains a lot of the aromas and tastes. With a Moulinex coffee grinder, you can also choose how fine you want your grind to be. The price of this device is in an affordable range and this grinder can be used to grind some other things as well.


Grinding fresh coffee beans is a great ritual for many in the morning, it releases flavours right then and this way the beans also add more of that flavour to your coffee. An electric coffee grinder can make your work a lot easier and Moulinex has options for you to make use of.

With a Moulinex coffee grinder, you can also control how fine you want your coffee beans to be, this way if you have any preference for how that affects your coffee you get exactly what you want. There are a few different models to choose from.

A Moulinex coffee grinder can also be used to grind other things such as dry spices and more. Although if you want to keep your coffee free from any other random flavour mixing in, it can be kept specifically for that.

The price of a coffee grinder from Moulinex is available in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex MC300132 Coffee Grinder Rs. 5,529
Moulinex MC300132 Coffee Grinder + National Romex… Rs. 5,800
Moulinex Coffee Grinder (MC300132) Rs. 5,000
Moulinex AR1044 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder Rs. 3,999
Moulinex Coffee Grinder MC300132 Rs. 9,600
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