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The Lowest price of Monopod in Pakistan is Rs.89 and estimated average price is Rs.23,370.


The price of monopods in Pakistan varies. A monopod is ideal for anyone looking to improve their video shooting capabilities. It is used often by travel videographers for its ergonomic design that is comfortable and has a great grip for stabilizing video while recording with sensitive camera settings.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight design easy to carry

  • Cheaper than other commercial tripods


  • No support for long-exposure photography


Design & Functionality

It is compact and easy to carry for long durational trips and does not require a complicated setup that can save time and energy while capturing time-sensitive scenes. They are made from extremely lightweight aluminium or carbon fibre that is durable and corrosion-resistant. 

Easy to Travel 

A monopod will not be denied entry into restricted buildings and spaces like museums and historical sites. It is the perfect gear to have for such private places that are hard to shoot professionally. Carrying a DSLR can become difficult when trying to maintain a straight level, having a monopod can make things super easy as it can be placed on any surface close to the camera operator ensuring the video footage is straight and correctly framed at all times.

Grip & Security

The foam grip along the monopod feels comfortable and secure making it easy to glide the camera across. The foam also protects the hands from any unwanted or overheated body, making it easy to use any harsh weather conditions. The added wrist strap ensures the monopod is secured in position preventing any accidental slips or collapses.

Body & Mechanism

It usually weighs approximately 0.9 lb and can be folded to the size of 15 - 16 inches that can support a load of up to 22 lb. It has twist locks and five leg stages that can be extended up to 61 inches ideal for handheld standing eye-level camera operation. There is a reversible 1/4-20 inch and 3/8 inch-16 screw system for mounting a sturdy plate that can attach to any camera, camcorder, or head device to secure the device to the monopod.

Lock System

The silicone twist locks are to make the legs smooth and fast to unlock when extending and adjusting the height. The base has fold-out legs that can spread up to 14 inches wide. The multidirectional swivel and tilt angles can create personalised perspectives using the internal ball-and-socket joint for free-flowing movements. The monopod locks at an upright position that can record long durational shots and time lapses easily.

Load Capacity 

It is important to check the maximum load the monopod can carry as some lenses are heavier than others, be sure you weigh your camera and lens together to know the combined weight requirement. Monopods come with a nylon carry bag that is weatherproof with a zip and shoulder strap that is easy to wear for longer periods.

Price List

Model Price
ENRG 360 Mini Ball Head Metal Mount Adjustable fo… Rs. 359
1/4 Screw with D Ring for Camera Tripod / Monopod… Rs. 725
mTec High Quality Selfie Stick Bluetooth Connecti… Rs. 950
mTec High Quality Selfie Stick Bluetooth Connecti… Rs. 899
mTec High Quality Selfie Stick Bluetooth Connecti… Rs. 999
Icon Two In One (Mono Pod+Tripod) Tripod 7867 Pro… Rs. 5,120
GoPro Tripod/Monopod/Slider Mount Rs. 550
Mobile Mount for Tripods and Monopods Rs. 89
MeFOTO Compass Knob For WalkAbout Monopod Titaniu… Rs. 11,749
MeFOTO WalkAbout Aluminum Monopod Purple (A35WP) Rs. 13,499
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