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The Lowest price of Mobile Tripod in Pakistan is Rs.299 and estimated average price is Rs.1,418.


A stable mobile tripod can ensure that video bloggers and content creators are able to capture steady and smooth visuals. Holding a mobile in your hand can create disturbances and tremors while also causing strain on the arms, wrist and back muscles. A mobile tripod is a miniature version of a traditional tripod with the same aluminium three leg structure.


Higher Quality Video & Photography 

Smartphones have powerful cameras now that can easily be used for professional and commercial projects. The world is shifting to mobile content as viewership is now leaving television behind and moving to a digital world. Brand ask influencers to promote their merchandise and products on their social media platforms. The increase in online product selling has made it essential for businesses to use mobiles generated content. 

Design Features

The durable legs of a mobile tripod can be placed on rough terrain while shooting outdoors as it has grip rubber ends that securely hold it in place. The clip piece on the top secures the mobile by gripping it from both sides so it does not move while shooting. Tripods help video bloggers be able to shoot for long durational shoots and aid in creating timelapse videos.

Adjustability & Stability 

The adjustable legs of the tripod make it easy to create various levels, the panning option makes following objects smooth and zooming in and out is shake free. These are important features for recording as they create more engaging videos that are fun to edit.

The ability to keep a camera stationary ensures that you will be able to take multiple takes in case any mistakes are made without having to start all over. These features save precious time and energy when creating content making it easy to keep publishing videos on time. 

Rotation & Panning 

Tripod designs also include gorilla legs that are fully adjustable with 360 swivel features making it easy to shoot videos in all angles. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry a mobile tripod on travels and adventures and can easily hold a GoPro camera without risk of breaking. 

Indicators & Triggers 

Mobile tripods can also hold a LED ring light along with the mobile creating professional studio setup in minutes. Tripods can be extended up to 50 inches making it easy to set up anywhere at any time without the need for extra support or probing up a table.


Some tripods come with a carry case making it easy to transport with regular luggage or hang on your shoulder while commuting. They can be checked into airport luggage or carried by hand on flights. The design is lightweight and easy to hang on a backpack making it easy to carry anywhere. 

Price List

Model Price
ENRG RGB LED Soft Ring LIght 16 Spectrum 33 cm /1… Rs. 2,799
3.5 Feet Tripod Stand for Mobile Phones and Camer… Rs. 780
ENRG Aluminium Tripod Stand Adjustable Portable 4… Rs. 1,499
ENRG LED Ringlight 10 Inch \ 26 cm With 7.5ft Met… Rs. 1,599
Tripod Camera Stand For Making Videos In Mobile P… Rs. 1,090
ENRG Mini Size Tripod Stand Movable Ball Head and… Rs. 499
ALOGY LARGE Gorilla Pod Flexible Tripod Stand Min… Rs. 549
ENRG RGB LED Soft RinglIght 16 Spectrum 10 Inch … Rs. 2,350
Mini Tripod Support Mobile Stand Rs. 715
ENRG LED Ring light 20cm With Mobile Phone Holder… Rs. 999
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