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Mitsubishi AC Price in Pakistan

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Mitsubishi has been delivering electronic products and solutions for over 100 years. Mitsubishi Electric was established in 1920 and launched the first-ever cooling solution with their electric fan. They also developed the first air-conditioner with a cross-flow fan in 1968.

Mitsubishi has released powerful air conditioning solutions for decades and has set the standard for current air-conditioners. They know the tropical heat better than a company as it is based in Japan and China. Mitsubishi electrics provides a variety of AC models to beat the high summer temperatures of Pakistan. The heat and humidity levels can negatively affect workflow performance, bring down productivity in the workplace causing employee performance to suffer immensely. The heat can make living conditions at home unbearable and especially when the temperatures are hitting 42 degrees Celcius outside an AC becomes a necessity. Mitsubishi offers cooling solutions depending on buyers space, need and budget.

They have Room Air Conditioners best suited for homes and small offices. The Medium Static Duct and Packaged Air Conditioners include the Ceiling Cassette models that are from 1-way to 4-way Air Flow versions. The Ceiling Suspended or Ceiling Concealed models are ideal for larger spaces that need fast cooling. We commonly see the Wall Mounted or Floor Standing models in Pakistani homes as they are in the mid-range price and economical for large households. 

For more specific cooling solutions there are Floor Mounted Concealed units that are easily installed and do not take up a lot of space. The Air Curtain series is usually seen in commercial spaces such as malls, bowling alleys and other commercial enterprises. 

The Mitsubishi AC is built with Tropical Inverter technology that optimizes the heat exchange and uses PCBʼs improved cooling mechanism to supply rapid cooling even with the weather is extremely hot outside. Catechin Plus Air Purification System is an advanced purification system. It has a Micro-Particle Cathing Filter which acts as an anti-allergy enzyme filter effectively eliminating air pollutants and small particle matter. The dual barrier coating on the fins prevents dust and dirt from getting into the AC. 

An AC mustn't overburden your electrical supply leading to high energy bills. The Mitsubishi AC has eco-friendly energy modes such as Econo Cool that can save users money. It has Ultra Quiet settings to eliminate room noise. The wide and long airflow design covers a large space up to 12 metres. The airflow directions and Auto Vanes can be adjusted with remote control ensuring you have cool fresh air blowing towards you at all times.