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The Lowest price of Mitchells Squash in Pakistan is Rs.181 and estimated average price is Rs.228.


The Mitchell's Squash range is of fruit-flavoured syrups that one can add to water, making a yummy and refreshing drink. Available for nominal prices.


Mitchell's is known for food products, which ranges from jams to squashes. The Mitchell's Squash drinks are tasty and come in multiple flavours. Squash is made from fruit concentrate and sugar.

Mitchell's Squash options include mango, mixed fruit, lemon, orange, strawberry, lemon barley and red grape squash. Adding any one of these to water gives you a tasty drink that can also help you feel refreshed and energised.

People who are trying to avoid sugar may want to not have too much of the Mitchell's Squash drinks. One does get some of the nutrition from the relevant fruits, so for instance the orange flavoured one has vitamin C.

Price List

Model Price
Mitchells Squash Mixed Fruit 800 ML Rs. 233
Mitchells Mitchells Squash Mixed Fruit 810ml Rs. 231
Mitchell's Mix Fruit Squash 800ml Rs. 210
Mitchell's Squash Mango 1.4 LTR Rs. 345
Mitchells Mango Squash 800ml Rs. 181
Mitchell's Squash Mixed Fruit 1.4 LTR Rs. 345
Mitchell's Lemon Barlay Squash 800 ML Rs. 225
Mitchells Mitchells Squash Lemon 800ml Rs. 236
Mitchells Strawberry Squash 810 ML Rs. 196
Mitchells Lemon Squash 800ml Rs. 185
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