Mitchells Chick Peas Tin Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Mitchells Chick Peas Tin in Pakistan is Rs.237 and estimated average price is Rs.237.


Ready to eat chickpeas from the Mitchell's brand. These can be added to salad used for hummus or in other foods as well. The fact that these are ready to eat makes them a quick-use product that can be stored for longer as well since it is canned.


The Mitchell's Chick Peas Tin has ready-to-eat chickpeas in it that can also be stored longer as they are canned.

One could use the Mitchell's Chick Peas Tin to add chickpeas into a salad, make hummus, add them to a chaat, use them for falafel or in anything else that requires them as an ingredient. Chickpeas are generally considered a healthy food with vitamins, minerals and lots of fibre. The fibre can also cause flatulence.

Chickpeas are also a good source of protein.

The Mitchell's Chick Peas Tin is available in an affordable range.

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Mitchells Chick Peas Tin Rs. 237
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