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Mini Drill Machine Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Mini Drill Machine in Pakistan is Rs.3,000 and estimated average price is Rs.3,000.


A smaller sized drill that allows users to be more precise with their intricate work. Some mini drill machines come with accessories, while others have maybe only one or two add-ons. The prices vary depending on the brand but generally are from the lower end or the mid-range.


Mini Drill Machine

Unlike its larger variant, a mini drill machine allows users to be a lot more precise. This is why mini drill machines are used for finer work such as making jewellery.

A mini drill machine can be used to sand, polish, grind or drill into various materials. Some models come with a full set of bits and accessories that can be used for these different tasks. While some models have way fewer add-ons with them. These can include sanders, circular saws and bits of different kinds. One can also purchase such accessories separately, letting one expand on the versatility of their mini drill machine.

Mini drill machines can be used at various speeds allowing one to be more specific with their applications. The amount of settings a machine has depends on the model, some have more while others have possibly even just one setting.

For added convenience, there are models that can operate using a battery too. The other options are corded devices.


Although this is a small tool, it is still a power tool and as such must be used with care.

The sizes vary between models and brands but most fit into the palm of your hand, making for easier handling than a large drill. The price of a mini drill machine can vary from the lower to mid ranges. 

Price List

Model Price
Hilal Mania Mini Drill Machine & Grinder (PT-1403) Rs. 3,000
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