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The Lowest price of Millat Fan in Pakistan is Rs.1,115 and estimated average price is Rs.5,030.


The Millat Fan started its manufacturing in 1947 as a small company. Over the decades they have evolved and expanded their product range that includes over 12 kinds of fans for residential and commercial buildings. The Millat Fan can be easily installed on the ceiling or wall depending on the design. There are many premium features such as speed control and a high-quality motor that help save money by using low voltage engineering.


Product Range

Pakistan has a very hot summer season with temperatures crossing 45-degree Celcius on average. There are a few regions in the north where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees but the rest of the country needs cooling from April to October. Air Conditioning is considered a luxury that can not be afforded by the majority of people living in major cities and villages. The most cost-effective alternative is a ceiling or bracket fan. These fans are lightweight and can be turned on for the entire day and night without overspending on electricity. Loadshedding is a serious problem in Pakistan, ceiling fans can be turned on via UPS or generator for long hours ensuring that the entire house remains cool during a blackout. 

These affordable fans offer an easy solution for drying wet floors quickly or keeping a room dry preventing any damage from humidity or water seepage. It is easy to instal a ceiling, bracket or ventilation fan in as they are compact and lightweight. Ideal for small to medium rooms as these have a low roof that ensures the room is effectively cooled down. There are also several pedestal fans in high-grade plastic with adjustable height and rotation features. Millat Fan makes metal fans that use a three-prong blade that propels high-speed airflow creating effective cooling in the room. 

Price List

Model Price
Ceiling FAN Blades Cover GFC Royal Champion Natio… Rs. 1,400
Ceiling FAN Blades Cover GFC Royal Champion Natio… Rs. 1,115
Millat Classic Model Energy Saver Ceiling Fan -56… Rs. 4,699
56" Millat Dynamic Platinum Fan Rs. 6,799
Millat Bracket Fan 18" Metal Bracket Fan Platinum Rs. 5,799
56'' Millat Classic Fan Rs. 6,399
18" Metal Bracket Fan Rs. 9,000
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