Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges in Pakistan is Rs.99 and estimated average price is Rs.2,173.


Wedges are one of the tastiest sides to have with burgers and other meals. They can also be had on their own as a snack. The Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges are seasoned and the potatoes have their skin, adding to the flavour.


Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges come with the skin still on, this adds a layer of flavour that is almost necessary for wedges. These are also seasoned, with a hint of spice as well.

These crispy wedges are quick to make and as they are frozen they can be stored longer. One can have the Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges on hand, to make whenever needed. This also works well for commercial kitchens such as in restaurants as they can store larger quntities.

Having the wedges ready to cook also saves a lot of time that would generally be quite a bit.

Price List

Model Price
Metro-10500528 Rs. 2,599
Metro-20502700 Rs. 2,800
Metro-20502721 Rs. 6,699
Metro-10550403 Rs. 1,999
Metro-10650858 Rs. 4,499
Metro-10300412 Rs. 1,799
Metro-20502573 Rs. 2,899
Metro-10700669 Rs. 1,999
Metro-10900569 Rs. 4,299
Metro-10700671 Rs. 2,199
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