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The split chickpeas from Metro Chef known as daal chana in Urdu are a tasty lentil that can be prepared in a host of ways. This versatility makes it one of the commonly used lentils.


Metro Chef Daal Chana is a kind of split chickpea, a lentil that can be made into a lot of dishes.

A nutritious daal, one can use Metro Chef Daal Chana to prepare daal with curry, mixed with vegetables or even alongside meat. Daal chana contains protein, calcium, iron and potassium. It is also a good source of fibre which helps the digestive tract.

Many people who do not eat meat, turn to things such as Metro Chef Daal Chana for their protein needs. Like all lentils, soaking daal chana in cold water also makes it easier to digest.

The price of Metro Chef Daal Chana is available for nominal prices, making it an accessible food that is also healthy.

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