Metro Chef Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Metro Chef in Pakistan is Rs.135 and estimated average price is Rs.628.


A food solution brand that is from the Metro company. There are lots of ingredients and food items that are either ready to eat or ready to cook. With the various options one could sort out a lot of their kitchen needs with Metro Chef.


The Metro Chef label is from the Metro superstore brand.

With Metro Chef, one can find ingredients and other food items that are more ready to be cooked or eaten. The variety is vast, allowing one to get many different things from one brand.

If you are looking for various lentils, Metro Chef has many options. This includes daal channa, masoor, red lobia, daal mong and more.

For foods that are ready to be cooked one can find fries, nuggets, samosas, wedges, chicken fillets and other such options. Metro Chef even has vegetables that come diced so one can add them to their food without having to peel and wash them. With some fruit options that are ready to be made into milkshakes or added to salads.

Aside from this, there are also some foods that are canned. This includes mushrooms, pineapples and fruit cocktails. There are also options for different kinds of salt under this label. Metro Chef even produces some sliced breads and a few different options for olive oil for cooking and dressing.

Overall Metro Chef is designed to be a more competitive brand, with prices that are a bit accessible.

Price List

Model Price
Metro Chef 4 Way Mix Vegetables 2KG Rs. 773
Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges 2.5KG Rs. 1,375
Metro Chef Frozen Fine Peas 1KG Rs. 360
Metro Chef Chicken Bites 780GM Rs. 724
Metro Chef White Lobia 500G Rs. 169
Metro Chef Daal Masoor Washed 500GM Rs. 219
METRO Chef Chicken Spicy Fillet 920 GM Rs. 796
Metro Chef White Lobia 1KG Rs. 312
Metro Chef Black Chana 1 KG Rs. 275
Metro Chef Burger Patty Chicken 18PCS Rs. 583
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