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The Lowest price of Mercury Thermometer in Pakistan is Rs.584 and estimated average price is Rs.584.


This is the most basic kind of thermometer that is used by people to check the temperature of their own or another's body. One can find this thermometer at different prices but it is generally a nominally priced item.


Mercury Thermometer

Thermometers are used to learn the temperature of a person. The mercury thermometer is the simplest kind of thermometer used by people. It has a small bulb at one end which contains the mercury. This side is placed under one's tongue or inside their armpit.

As the mercury warms up it expands and rises along a very fine tube which has temperature markings on each side of it. These markings let one know what the temperature reading is.


There is a slight disadvantage with a mercury thermometer, which is that it needs to be shaken and swung vigorously to send the mercury back down to reset it. This can cause it to slip and break; as mercury is a toxic material this could be an issue. Also, with children, one has to be extra careful cause they might clamp down a bit too hard onto the glass part while having it under their tongue and cause it to break.


Medical professionals still prefer mercury thermometers in comparison to the other options as they are still more accurate.

Many brands make mercury thermometers and most of them are unknown names. This is the cheapest option compared to other kinds of thermometers and is priced nominally.

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Non Mercury Thermometer - Mercury-Free Clinical T… Rs. 584
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