Menstrual Cup Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Menstrual Cup in Pakistan is Rs.475 and estimated average price is Rs.817.


The menstrual cup is an eco-friendly alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons for women on their period. Simply use the small flexible cup that is made from non-toxic silicone or latex rubber with the ability to last 10 years. The cup contains the liquid by catching it and containing it without any risk of leaking or causing toxic shock.


The menstrual cup helps save thousands of rupees by replacing packets of pads and is completely safe for young and mature women. It can be folded and inserted like a tampon and can be kept inside for up to 12 hours. The protective seal created is because the silicon takes on the exact shape of the vagina walls preventing any unwanted leaks.

Hygienic & Safe

The menstrual cup is reusable by simply sterilizing in boiling water before and after usage. They are ideal for overnight protection and care as they can be kept in place for 12 hours. When initially starting it is recommended to wear a panty liner to practice wearing it. Once you are comfortable and know the right fitting position then wearing a menstrual cup becomes easy and comfortable.

It can hold 1 ounce of liquid which is twice the amount held by one pad or tampon. The difference between using a menstrual cup and pad is that there is less unpleasant odour collection that can be very uncomfortable at work, school or university. As the cup foams an air-sealed environment you will feel fresh unlike the feeling of wearing a sanitary napkin for several hours.

Price List

Model Price
Medical Grade Period Cup Silicone Mystical Menst… Rs. 475
1pc New Imported Medical Feminine Hygiene Reusabl… Rs. 890
Mystical Menstrual Cup / Period Cup - Large & Sma… Rs. 549
Menstrual Cup with Feminine Wash Rs. 1,550
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