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Meiji milk is formula milk for babies, it is used as a substitute for a mother's milk or is added to the babies routine as a source of supplemental nutrition. The price of Meiji milk is slightly above afforable.


A Japanese brand, Meiji produces a range of dairy products under the Meiji Dairy arm of the corporation. In Pakistan, the Meiji milk product available is formula milk for infants.

Women use Meiji formula milk if they are not personally feeding the baby, or if one needs extra nutrition for the child. Meiji has conducted research for around 40 years and has made its formulation as close to natural milk as possible.

Meiji milk is easy to prepare and can also be stored in larger quantities in case of any emergencies.

A lot of people use formula milk, although many others don't think it can substitute for the real thing.

The price of Meiji milk is in a mid-range.

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