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Meiji Big Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Meiji Big in Pakistan is Rs.630 and estimated average price is Rs.2,746.


Meiji Big is specifically for kids over 1 year old, it is designed with all the daily needed nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals that boost growth and development. The price of Meiji Big is in an affordable range.


As babies grow their body needs nutrition for better development. Meiji Bog is designed for children over 1 year old, it is designed specifically for that time in their life. The growth at this stage is rapid and requires a high level of nutrition for development, Meiji Big supplies the daily needed values of nutrition.

Meiji Big contains DHA and taurine, both are needed for the brain and eyes. There is protein, a basic building block that is present in every single cell of the body. Beta-carotene, vitamin A, and zinc are considered to support the immune system; with vitamin D to help the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. There is calcium for the bones and teeth, and iron for the blood. 

Aside from all that, Meiji Big also has fructooligosaccharides that are important for the helpful bacteria and gut health, which in turn helps the immune system. Nucleotides are also present, these enhance the immune function as well.


Meiji Big is available for relatively affordable prices.

Price List

Model Price
Meiji Big Vanilla, Gowing-Up Formula, Stage 3, 40… Rs. 1,670
Meiji Big 3 Vanilla Growning Up Fromula Powder Dr… Rs. 3,922
Meiji Big 3 Vanilla 400 G Rs. 1,500
Meiji Big Soft Pack 200g Rs. 630
Charji Shop Red Chiffon Big Hem Lotus Leaf Long D… Rs. 3,190
Meiji Powder Milk Big 400g Rs. 1,610
Meiji Big Powder 400g Rs. 1,670
Meiji Powder Milk Big 900g Rs. 3,490
Charji Shop Green Big Hem Lotus Leaf Long Dress w… Rs. 3,190
Charji Shop White Flounce Chiffon Dress Big Swing… Rs. 3,945
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