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Medora of London has a limited but tasteful collection of perfumes that are affordable and good quality products. They are easily accessible across the country. Check out Medora perfume prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


There is a range of Perfumes by Medora that is available at affordable prices in Pakistan on our website. You can choose from pleasantly fragrant woody and spicy perfumes to sweet and floral smelling ones on this page.

Medora Perfume Range

Perfumes by Medora come in cylindrical glass bottles with plastic caps and you can choose from multiple variants. The most common variant is Medora Festival that has a floral and fruity fragrance. Others are Bouquet, Gardenia, Dream, Beauty and Feelings. If you like woody and spicy fragrances go for Shadow.

Longevity & Quality

All these perfumes are pleasantly fragrant and the scent lasts all day long. The fragrance is not too sharp but more on the subtle and calming side. The best thing about Medora products is their affordability and availability as they are easily available and that too at budget-friendly prices. Some sellers also offer all these perfumes in one economically priced pack that you can also find on this page.

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