Medicam Toothpaste Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Medicam Toothpaste in Pakistan is Rs.120 and estimated average price is Rs.179.


The original Medicam Dental Cream was launched in 1980 by Marriana International company located in Karachi. The company has a roster of various brands of toothpaste. medicines and mouthwashes for dental hygiene and treatments. It is available in 100g, 150g, 200g, 40g and 70g making it affordable and easily accessible by the Pakistani masses.


Local Toothpaste Brand

The Medicam formula feels natural and close to South Asian dental remedies by including active agents of Clove, Spearmint, Eucalyptus Oil, Salt and Syloblanc to treat bleeding gums and tooth decay. The problem is this is not enough to remove the heavy plaque that accumulates on the teeth. For more serious dental problems it is important to visit your local doctor and not rely on toothpaste alone. It has been approved by the Pakistani Dental Association. The TGP system called Teeth Gum Protection is created by using a strong Floride foundation to create the toothpaste and bind all the active ingredients together.  

Product Range 

The original Dental Cream can be purchased for those looking for mild teeth care. There is also Pro-Tech Dental Cream which is a little stronger but not as effective as other toothpaste brands. The Herbal and Minto options are for consumers who want a more natural remedy for their teeth care. There is also a Mouthwash that can help provide stronger protection from stale breath. The Medicam Toothbrush is an affordable and simple bristle brush that is medium-hard. 

Price List

Model Price
Medicam Herbal Freshness Toothpaste, 150g + Tooth… Rs. 170
Medicam Dental Cream, Toothpaste, 180g Rs. 230
Medicam Regular Toothpaste 150 G Rs. 150
Medicam Toothpaste Brush Pack 100G Rs. 171
Medicam Dental Cream With Brush 200 G Rs. 200
Medicam Toothpaste 70g Rs. 140
Medicam Pro Tech Dental Cream 200 G Rs. 170
Medicam Dental Cream 150 G Rs. 190
Medicam Pro Tech Dental Cream 70 G Rs. 120
Medicam Dental Cream 200 G Rs. 215
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