Mayo Garlic Sauce Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Mayo Garlic Sauce in Pakistan is Rs.170 and estimated average price is Rs.280.


Mayo Garlic Sauce also called Aioli is a unique twist on the original mayonnaise dipping sauce that adds the rich aroma and taste of garlic cloves to the sauce. Used for burgers and sandwiches to instantly improve the taste without needing to chop up fresh garlic saving you time and money.


Snack & Meals

The Mayo Garlic Sauce is now an essential condiment in the household pantry that can instantly make your snacks, burgers, sandwiches and finger food more satisfying and enjoyable. The added garlic flavour to the classic mayonnaise sauce brings an aromatic layer to the final taste that is enjoyed by kids and adults. It is available in both poly pack soft squeeze bottles, glass jars and bottles in various sizes that make it easy to store at home. Brands like Young Foods have a variety of mixed sauces that include Mayo Garlic Sauce.

Price List

Model Price
Young's Mayo Garlic 200ml Rs. 185
National Garlic Mayo Squeezy 350g Rs. 359
Youngs Mayo Red Chili 500 M Rs. 300
Youngs Mayo Garlic 500 Ml Rs. 360
Youngs Mayo Garlic 200 Ml Rs. 170
National Garlic Mayo Rich Garlic Taste 500 G Rs. 420
National Garlic Mayo Rich Garlic Taste 200 G Rs. 170
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