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The Lowest price of Lux Body Wash in Pakistan is Rs.364 and estimated average price is Rs.673.


Lux is a Latin word meaning light and is short for "luxury". The globally recognized soap brand Lux is owned by Unilever. Lux is one of the market leaders and most popular soap brands in Pakistan. It also sponsors the Lux Style Awards in Pakistan since 2002 and the Golden Rose Awards in India. Body wash and soaps are the most popular products of the brand apart from its huge range of toiletries. A wide array of Lux body wash is available online at economical prices in Pakistan.



The ingredients of Lux body wash include pearl proteins, orchids, milk, flower, French rose, almond oil and silk protein extracts depending on the type. Pearl proteins and oils help make your skin smooth and soft. They are also mildly fragrant and are safe to use as the company claims there are no harsh chemicals added. Anyone can use Lux body wash without the fear of allergic reactions.


You will find the packaging very attractive in purple, pink, white, yellow etc. Each Lux body wash comes in 220ml or 250ml plastic bottle, has different benefits, is for a specific skin type and has a distinct name and fragrance.

1. Lux Magical Spell Body Wash

2. Lux Camellia White Body Wash

3. Lux White Impress Body Wash

4. Lux Soft Touch Body Wash

5. Lux Aqua Sparkle Body Wash

Much to the delight of customers, sometimes a free loofah or shower sponge is added with Lux body wash. Loofah is mostly made out of net fabric that makes lathering and applying the body wash much easier. Lux body wash price in Pakistan comes in the affordable category and the product is widely available at every shop across the country. You can also easily buy Lux body wash online in Pakistan from a multitude of trusted sellers.

Price List

Model Price
Lux Soft Rose Delicate Fragrance Glowing Body Was… Rs. 775
Lux Bright Camellia Delicate Fragrance Glowing Bo… Rs. 775
LUX Shower Gel Magical Spell 500ML Rs. 890
LUX Shower Gel Soft Rose 500ML Rs. 890
Lux Lux Whitening Body Wash White Impress 500ml Rs. 756
Lux Magical Spell Fragranced Body Wash 250 ML Rs. 365
Lux White Impress Body Wash Rs. 364
Lux Body Wash Silk Sensation 250 ML Rs. 480
Lux Botanicals Body Wash Soft Rose for Women 250 … Rs. 606
Lux Body Wash Camellia White 500ML Rs. 890
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