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The Lowest price of Lubricant Oil in Pakistan is Rs.350 and estimated average price is Rs.1,821.


Lubricants are used to keep one's engine free of friction as it runs. This coat the inside and help parts by reducing the wear due to friction. Different engines need different kinds of lubricants and one can choose based on their specific engine. The price of motor lubricants varies, some are expensive while others are relatively affordable.



Also known as engine oil, engine lubricant or motor oil, lubricants are designed to reduce the friction within an engine thus also reducing the wear and tear over time. Lubricants also neutralize the acids from fuel and oxidisation.

Lubricants are made from a base oil and have other additives to formulate a more specific feel that is needed for different engines. The additives include anti-wear additives, detergents, dispersants, and for multi-grade oils viscosity index improvers are also used.

The antiwear additives make sure that the metal parts do not come into direct contact. Detergents are various chemicals that help keep the engine clean. Dispersants are used to keep all the various elements mixed evenly so they can achieve performance efficiency.

These lubricants also help with sealing the piston rings and help dissipate heat by carrying it away.

A brief history

In 1866 John Ellis was looking into the healing powers of crude oil, realising there was no medical value he set on a different path relating to its lubrication potential. Leaving medicine he focused on working to create a lubricant for steam engines.

He was successful when he figured out an oil that worked well even at high temperatures, this meant fewer corroded cylinders, gummed up valves and leaking seals. His company still exists today under the name Valvoline.


Lubricants are used in all engines, from cars to motorbikes to lawnmowers. There are various types that are made for engines that work on petrol versus engines that use diesel. There are also synthetic versions of lubricants.  Many cars come with a recommended oil type, this would work best for that specific engine. The quality grades also vary as do the viscosity ratings. 

One can purchase the correct oil based on what kind of engine they have and what their budget is. The known brands include ZIC, Shell, Liqui Moly, Mobil, Havoline and Castrol.

The price of lubricants varies from brand to brand, there are some expensive ones and others that are affordable.

Price List

Model Price
GUARD SS GOLD 15W-40 (3 LTR) Car Gasoline Engine … Rs. 2,396
Pack of 4 GREASE - Fully Synthetic Base USA Rs. 2,200
GUARD Motor Cycle Oil 20W-40 (0.7 LTR) 0.7 Litre … Rs. 506
WD40 Anti-Rust Lubricant , Penetrating Oil and wa… Rs. 799
GUARD SSS POWER PLUS 15W-40 (4 LTR) 4 Liter Car D… Rs. 2,979
DISOLA-A (8 LTR) Liter Car Diesel Engine Motor O… Rs. 4,834
WD40 Anti-Rust Lubricant , Penetrating Oil and wa… Rs. 699
GUARD DISOLA-A (5 LTR) 5 Liter Car Diesel Engine … Rs. 3,030
GUARD SS GOLD 15W-40 (4 LTR) Car Gasoline Engine … Rs. 3,162
DISOLA-A (4 LTR) Car Diesel Engine Motor Oil Engi… Rs. 2,459
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