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The Lowest price of Long Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs.120 and estimated average price is Rs.493.


The secret to long hair is keeping your scalp healthy and clean. The best way to create a healthy environment for hair growth is to use long hair oil products that have nourishing ingredients that repair and strengthen the roots. The healthier the roots and scalp the faster you can grow your hair to a long luscious length.


The essential oils used to create long hair oil are extracted from natural plant-based ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Almond and Castor that can be combined for best results. The vitamins and fatty amino compounds in these ingredients help nourish the scalp and transform the hair from the root to tip.

The strengthening of each hair strand ensures that there is no hair loss and builds volume in the texture of the hair. The regular usage of long hair oil can rapidly increase the length of the hair for those looking to grow an inch in a month. Apply the hair oil generously into the hair and massage into the scalp for 15 minutes, leave the oil in your hair for sometime before washing it out with luke warm water and natural mild shampoo.

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Grow It Long & Strong Herbal Oil 10 Years Tested Good Resul… Rs. 120
Sesa Oil Long Beautiful & Nourished Hair - 180ml Rs. 375
Professionals Beard Oil Strong - For Growth, Patches, Nouri… Rs. 299
Aatika Herbal Hair Oil (100 Ml)-make The Hair Upto 5 Feet L… Rs. 399
Best Hair Growth Oil For Girls Hair Oil For Long Hair - Nin… Rs. 429
Gasoodaraz 100% Herbal Oil (uae) For Long, Thick And Shiny … Rs. 599
Effective Plus Hair Oil Stop Hair Fall Long Shiny And Stron… Rs. 650
7-in-1 Herbal Hair Oil To Make Hair Long Thick Pack Of 1 Rs. 150
Hair Fall Treatment And Make Hair Long With This Hair Oil 1… Rs. 450
Long Hair Oil For Men And Women Rs. 450
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