Loncin Generator Price in Pakistan - 1 results

Loncin Generator price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 44,999 to Rs. 44,999 with an estimated average price of Rs. 44,999

Loncin Petrol & Gas Generator with Battery & Gas Kit - 1.5 kW (LC2300DDC)

Rs. 44,999

Loncin Petrol & Gas Generator with Battery & Gas Kit - 1.5 kW (LC2300DDC)

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Loncin Generator Price in Pakistan - 1 results

Loncin Generator price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 44,999 to Rs. 44,999 with an estimated average price of Rs. 44,999

Loncin Generator Price List

Loncin Petrol & Gas Generator with Battery & Gas Kit - 1.5 … Rs. 44,999

Loncin Generator Overview

Loncin is a Chinese company that makes powerful and reliable generators supplied all over the world. They pride themselves on clean power products and catering to their customers. What makes Loncin generators a popular choice in Pakistan is their eco-friendly, safety first design and efficient compatibility features. Loncin is available online in Pakistan at affordable prices.

Loncin Generator Pros and Cons


Good for light domestic use

Can be dangerous if used carelessly


Loncin Generator Description

Power Solutions 

Electricity supply is unreliable in Pakistan and load shedding is a frequent problem for houses and offices. During load shedding it is essential to keep the lights, multiple fans, ACs, washing machines, refrigerators and deep freezers turned on, this can be done through a power supplying generator as it can handle multiple electrical appliances. 

There are many different kinds of generators from the single-phase to three-phase models with kW or KVA power, the welder or standby or motor starting systems are all capable of satisfying consumers depending on their specific requirements. The 5 kW to 50 kW can be used for personal and home while those above 50 kW to 3 Megawatts are considered industrial. 

It is an essential power supplying addition to every Pakistani home and office. Another easy power supply solution is installing a separate UPS that can store renewable energy but that is a stop-gap arrangement because it will eventually run out during a longer load shedding spell. A UPS will not be able to run for long when all home appliances and heavy power-draining devices are on, it has a small battery. 

Functionality & Components

It has a strong commercial engine with AVR and voltage adjustments. The Low Oil sensor protection ensures maintenance is easy and hassle-free. The improved cradle has durable handles giving the machine extra protection from external damage. 


It also has strong durable wheels making it easy to move and store. Loncin generators have digital control panels that make them easy to read and control. The Loncin generators have upgraded certain things in their models that set them apart from other basic models. They have a separate current circuit and high voltage circuit ensuring the safety of the user at all times.

Improvements in Design

The new generator models such as DC series have a larger fuel tank made with high-quality material. The additional wire box cover protects electrical wires, making them water-resistant and eliminating chances of dust accumulation. Loncin has introduced a new muffler cover that makes the generator safer to handle.

Cooling System

The new shape for the cylinder-head wind-scooper prevents the generator from overheating. This helps maintain an optimum temperature in the generator motor ensuring it runs smoothly for a long time.

The enlarged space creates a better inlet-wind flow improving the generator's heat performance. Self-starter saves users time and energy by replacing the old long coils and wires with a turn of a key or as simple as pressing a button.  

Types of Loncin Generators 

Loncin generators are available in the Diesel series, New DC series, 10 KW Gen-sets, Inverter series, New A-series, Portable and A series. Available with different specifications, power KW voltages, fuel tank capacities and design features, users can buy a generator according to their requirements.

Generator Compatibility 

By making sure the right generator is being used at home or office there will be no unexpected system failures due to overheating or overloading or over-usage. The important factor in purchasing a generator is to ensure uninterrupted power supply to improve the standard of living at home and for your business.

But most importantly buying a portable, handy and secure generator will be easy to operate and hazard-free. A dependable generator will protect expensive appliances from electrical damage. For a 2 bed house that would keep only essential home appliances running during a load shedding spell for example lights, refrigerator, air conditioner the total running and starting watts would be between 5000 – 7000 Watts.