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A high-end formulation for fighting the effects of ageing on the skin, the Loccitane Immortelle Divine Cream also has a great scent to it.


Loccitane is known to be a high-end, boutique brand for personal care products. The quality of ingredients used is at the top level and the products also smell amazing.

The Loccitane Immortelle Divine Cream is made for skin care, with an aim to help with the issues regarding ageing. Made with 30% higher concentration of immortelle that targets the 5 main signs of ageing. One of the compounds is an alternative to retinol and is as effective.

Loccitane Immortelle Divine Cream has antioxidants as well. Overall the cream increases firmness and elasticity. Also, it aids in the skin's ability to fight off damage from pollutants in the environment that very much age the skin faster over time. There is also nutrition in the form of Omega 9 and 6, both of which feed the skin.

One has to use the Loccitane Immortelle Divine Cream regularly to get the benefits they are looking for. With a non-greasy formula that is absorbed by the skin with ease, leaving a scent.

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