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Known for its high quality, Loccitane has many personal care products. The Loccitane Amande With Almond Oil is designed for a deep level of skin care.


Made from sweet almond oil, 50% of Loccitane Amande With Almond Oil is this. The other parts are made from rosehip oil, Oily Silicum Complex and camelina oil.

These ingredients that the Loccitane Amande With Almond Oil is made with are great for almost all kinds of skin. A light oil that can be applied all over the body and massaged in gently. The nourishment makes the skin soft and supple. Hydration with Loccitane Amande With Almond Oil lasts for up o 48 hours.

Use of Loccitane Amande With Almond Oil over time makes the skin satin soft and improves the overall health as well.

The fact that Loccitane Amande With Almond Oil is light makes sure you do not have any greasiness on your skin.

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