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The Lowest price of Loafers Shoes in Pakistan is Rs.379 and estimated average price is Rs.4,177.


A simple style of shoe that is slipped on or off. Loafer shoes can be found for women, men and children. The price of a pair of loafers depends on the brand that made them.



A type of shoe that does not make use of laces or any other fastening method and is simply slipped onto the foot. One of the original such designs was produced by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith of Wildsmith Shoes in London and was designed for King George VI as a casual house shoe. 

Loafer shoes are mostly considered to be casual, but it is possible to find a design one could wear with semi-formal or even formal clothing. To keep the look neater and still wear socks, one can opt for loafer-socks. These socks are low cut, so from the outside it looks like one is not wearing any with their loafers. On the other hand, one could also opt for colourful or funky socks for contrast, it really depends on the look one is going for.

This style of shoe is available for men and women, both. With the women's loafer shoes the toes are shorter generally.

A further development of loafer shoes is gored shoes, these have elasticised sides so the fit is more snug. These are known as Chelsea boots. 


Loafer shoes are produced by almost every brand that makes shoes for everyday wear. The most common material is leather, but one can find versions in rexine and fabric as well.

The colour and pattern options are just as endless as the brands that produce loafer shoes.

The price of loafer shoes depends entirely on the brand, some are inexpensive while others cost a lot higher.

Price List

Model Price
Men Loafer Shoes Rs. 2,500
Loafer Men SHOES (M.P) Rs. 1,599
Brown Leather Shoes for Men L2006C Rs. 6,450
Black Leather Formal Shoes for Men Rs. 5,400
Men Loafer Shoes Rs. 1,399
Fashion Large Size Soft Leather Vintage Flat Boat… Rs. 4,947
Leather Loafer Shoes For Men Rs. 1,599
Ziza shoes Rs. 2,598
Black Long Shoes for Men L2002C Rs. 6,200
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