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Listerine Cavity Protection Mouthwash Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Listerine Cavity Protection Mouthwash in Pakistan is Rs.300 and estimated average price is Rs.300.


A great brand for mouthwashes, Listerine has many choices including one for extra cavity protection.


Listerine is one of the top choices when it comes to mouthwash options. The brand has a lot of different ones to pick from and if you want to fight the chances of cavities more than average the Listerine Cavity Protection Mouthwash is what you are looking for.

One gets hours of protection with this mouthwash. It kills germs and helps fight plaque as well. The flavour and cleaning ability makes sure you have fresh breath for a long time as well.

Mouthwashes like the Listerine Cavity Protection Mouthwash can be used in a hurry or during the day when one eats something. A lot of people use them along with brushing, this helps one gets protection in multiple forms and is a better way to go if you really want to care for your oral hygiene.

This solution should not be swallowed. The Listerine Cavity Protection Mouthwash is affordably priced, giving one access to better oral care products.

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Model Price
Listerine Cavity Protection Mouthwash 250ml Rs. 300
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