Lipton Tea Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Lipton Tea in Pakistan is Rs.102 and estimated average price is Rs.339.


Considering Britain's love for tea, the Scotsman Sir Thomas Johnstone founded the Lipton tea company in 1888. Today it is owned by Unilever and has become one of the most favourite tea brands in the world. It is a big part of the high tea and tea party culture in the world and the best thing about tea is that it goes well with almost every snack. The classic combination of tea with homemade french fries is as good as tea with clotted cream and scones. It is consumed regardless of the season, weather or climate and is a daily beverage for most.


Popularity in Pakistan

In Pakistan, tea is not only consumed as refreshment but is an integral part of everyday life and also considered a comfort beverage. Pakistanis love a hot cup of "chai" whenever they can get a chance. Lipton Yellow Label is widely the top choice amongst Pakistani tea consumers.

From breakfast, brunch, evening tea to parties, weddings and wake ceremonies, tea is an essential item at homes and offices and is a part of every happiness and sorrow. It is also served to guests and homemakers take pride in serving freshly brewed tea in sophisticated looking tea trolleys and crockery.

Lipton tea prices in Pakistan vary depending on the size and type but in all, it is an affordable tea brand. The black tea blend is strong and fragrant and is used to make Doodh Patti, Masala chai, Kehwa, Butter tea and the English breakfast tea in Pakistan.

Lipton Tea Ingredients & Packaging

The brand claims to use 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colours or contents. Initially, Lipton owned 5 estates in Ceylon where he grew his own tea gardens but today the doesn't own any and buys tea from Sri Lanka. So the once known farm to table company's early slogan "direct from the Tea Gardens to the Tea Pot" still applies. 

The master blenders and tea tasters of the company then approve the taste and the tea is packed in attractive yellow boxes with a red shield logo. Lipton Yellow Lable Tea is said to be a good source of flavonoids and fluorides.

Lipton Tea Flavors & Caffeine Amount

Lipton offers hot and iced tea flavours in Black tea, Matcha tea, Chamomile tea. Turmeric tea, Ginger tea and Green Tea. Lipton tea bags are a quick and easy way to prepare tea at home or office and the taste is even better than the regular. A cup of Lipton black tea contains 55 mg of caffeine if it is brewed for 3 minutes.

Lipton Tea Benefits & Side Effects

As with any other tea blend, it contains caffeine that is a natural stimulant. While caffeine may give you a boost of energy and awaken you in the morning, overconsumption is bad for health as it may give high blood pressure or an increased heart rate to some individuals. Regularly drinking tea can also stain your tea and drinking more than required can cause several health issues.

As long as you are drinking in moderation, there is no harm in consuming it, in fact, healthy teas like matcha, green and oolong teas are considered therapeutic and possess multiple medicinal qualities. 

Price List

Model Price
Lipton Tea Bags 100-Pack Rs. 499
Lipton, 380g Rs. 499
Lipton Tea Bags 50-Pack Rs. 260
Lipton Green Lemon Zest Tea Bags 25-Pack Rs. 130
Lipton Mega Daane 475gm Jar Rs. 850
Lipton Lemon Zest Green Tea Bags, 100-Pack Rs. 390
Lipton 475gm Pouch Rs. 750
LIipton Yellow Label Tea 190gm Rs. 304
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