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The Lowest price of Light Decoration in Pakistan is Rs.120 and estimated average price is Rs.1,205.


There are many ways to makes one's home or office beautiful and one of the most simple ways is to have an interesting or cool light. For this purpose, one can find many different kinds of light decorations. The designs vary a lot as do sizes. Some lights also have the functionality to connect to one's smartphone so settings can be managed from it. Given the diversity, the prices of light decorations are quite varied.



Humans have had a fascination with light since fire was discovered. In modern times there are three different kinds of lighting that are combined to complete a space.

General lighting deals with the ambient lighting of a space; the overall illumination. The task lighting is for specific tasks, like the light over a desk to help one read or write. The third is accent lighting, this is to add drama or flair to a space.

Lighting decoration

The latter, accent lighting, is where one can find light decorations as well. One of the most commonly used decoration light is the string of LEDs known as 'fairy lights'. These are seen at weddings very often.

Lighting decoration can be in any shape or size, from an SMD light strip that can change colours to a sculptural shape with a light in it. The objective is the beautification of a space and one can find many designs to do this. Today there are a lot of smart light options one can use, this gives one added control over their illumination solution. The settings can be changed from one's smartphone, so the user can change colours, brightness and other things such as lighting modes. This does depend on what the specific model of light is able to do.

Lighting decorations are available for different prices, depending on the size and technology; plus features specific to the one in question.

Price List

Model Price
Pack of 3 - Fairy Light Decoration String Light S… Rs. 799
Fairy Lights Decoration String Light For Decorati… Rs. 499
Pack of 2 Fairy Lights String, LED Fairy Light De… Rs. 299
77 LED Solar Light Outdoor Solar Lamp Sunlight IP… Rs. 1,999
Pack Of 4 - Fairy Light Decoration String Light S… Rs. 899
Decoration Metal Wall Light (3 in 1) Rs. 2,099
20 ft Multi RGB Fairy Light String Still - 220V -… Rs. 1,395
Modern Waterproof Step Light Outdoor/Indoor for S… Rs. 750
Laser Roof Decoration Light For Car & home Rs. 680
20 ft Multi RGB Fairy Light String Still - 220V -… Rs. 680
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