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The Lowest price of Leo Diapers in Pakistan is Rs.569 and estimated average price is Rs.1,541.


Leo diapers are designed as unisex for both boys and girls made with comfortable and durable cloth-like material. The elastic waistband and magic tape holds the diaper in place for several hours offering support and cares for babies from newborn to four years old.


Leak Guard

The combination of Magic Tape to seal the diaper on the hips with an elastic waistband that doesn't prevent blood circulation provides mobility and comfort to the baby. The breathable cloth-like lining prevents rash or irritation to the skin.

The New Born Leo diaper can be worn by 2 to 5 kg baby and changed when soiled without hurting the skin. The soft material will not harm the baby when he or she is moving around. The Small/Mini size is for  3 to 6 kg, Medium/Midi and Large/Maxi can be worn by kids up to 18 kg. Children want to play, crawl and run around without worrying about their diaper falling off. It is important to have secure diaper tape that can withstand pulling or tugging without the risk of opening or leaking. The Extra Large/Junior and Extra Extra Large are available in a Great Value Box that is a wholesale and bulk storing range with 80 to 112 diapers available in one pack.

Sensitive Care

The sensitive skin range is alcohol-free and fragrance-free ensuring that kids can enjoy their daily life without feeling disturbed or discomfort due to skin irritation caused by rougher lining or a mixed blend material. Instead, using a soft and dry absorbent material that is made from pure fibres that prevent redness or inflammation of the skin.

Price List

Model Price
Leo Plus Super Fit Baby Pants Medium No. 3, 6-11K… Rs. 1,950
Leo Plus Super Fit Baby Pants Large No. 4, 9-14Kg… Rs. 2,100
Leo Plus Soft & Dry Baby Diaper, Small No. 2, 3-6… Rs. 2,450
Leo Plus Super Fit Baby Pants XXLarge No. 6, 15-2… Rs. 2,100
Leo Plus Soft & Dry Baby Diaper Medium No. 3, 4-9… Rs. 2,300
Leo PlusReliable Adult Diapers, Small, 28x44 Inch… Rs. 900
Leo Plus Soft & Dry Baby Diaper Large No. 4, 7-18… Rs. 2,450
Leo Plus Super Fit Baby Pants XLarge No. 5, 12-17… Rs. 2,100
Leo Plus Soft & Dry Baby Diaper XL No. 5, 11-25Kg… Rs. 2,450
LEO Mega Size 5 Diapers - 60 Pcs Rs. 1,818
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