Lemon Max Liquid Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Lemon Max Liquid in Pakistan is Rs.90 and estimated average price is Rs.215.


Lemon Max products are economically budget-friendly and affordable to ensure the highest quality of cleaning is accessible to millions of Pakistanis.


Bottle Design

The Ultra Lemon Max is a highly concentrated dishwashing liquid that is easy to squeeze out from the flexible plastic bottle and leaves dishes smelling lemon-fresh in minutes. There is a variety of sizes available that make it easy to budget purchases and easily place close to the sink of the kitchen. The bottle nozzle helps manage the soap well by only squeezing out the amount needed for each load depending on how tough the grime and stains. The leakproof bottle design ensures that even if it accidentally falls on the ground or in the sink the liquid will not be wasted. 


The liquid is gentle on the hands and you do not need to use gloves when washing the dishes. The liquid dishwashing product is affordable and effective. Lemon Max can remove stubborn stains from expensive dinner sets and silverware cutlery without causing any unwanted chemical scratches. It is safe to use and will not damage the skin even with frequent usage.

Price List

Model Price
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid, With Lemon Juice, 750ml Rs. 325
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid Bottle, With Lemon Juic… Rs. 140
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid, Lemon Fresh, 475ml Rs. 225
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid, With Real Lemon Juice,… Rs. 210
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid Anti Bacterial, With Re… Rs. 225
Lemon Max Ultra Dishwash Liquid, Concentrated, 50… Rs. 350
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid Bottle, With Lemon Juic… Rs. 230
Lemon Max Ultra Dishwash Liquid Bottle 500ml - Ye… Rs. 282
Lemon Max Dishwash Liquid Bottle 475ml Rs. 202
Lemon Max Ultra Dishwash Liquid Bottle 500ml - Gr… Rs. 282
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