Leg Massager Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Leg Massager in Pakistan is Rs.25,000 and estimated average price is Rs.39,374.


Massaging different body parts can help relieve the stress built up there. Also, a very useful thing to do for someone who is working out, it helps with blood flow and recovery. One can find leg massagers for this purpose too, the prices vary based on the specific type of leg massager. Some are affordable and options go all the way up to expensive.


If your legs are sore there are leg massagers you can use to help with circulation and release.

The basic type is a rod that vibrates which one can roll over their legs, the more specific one is a small console into which your legs fit and it can squeeze and massage the legs and feet. Apart from these two, the third leg massagers are like large leg casts that one can fit onto their legs and these compress the legs.

If you are recovering from working out leg massagers can be very helpful, especially after leg day.

The prices of leg massagers vary, from affordable to expensive depending on the specific type.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer Compression Leg Therapy Massager (FM-150) Rs. 25,000
Beurer FM 150 Pro Compression Leg Therapy Massager Rs. 44,999
Beurer Compression Leg Therapy Massager (FM-150 P… Rs. 42,500
Beurer FM 150 Pro Veins Trainer Leg Massager with… Rs. 45,000
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