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The Lowest price of Led Lights in Pakistan is Rs.520 and estimated average price is Rs.3,034.


The modern lighting industry now uses LED bulbs as it is the most energy-efficient technology replacing halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are used in lamps, ceiling, hanging and wall lighting for both interior and exterior settings. The initial cost of an LED light will feel more expensive as compared to energy-saving or halogen bulbs but it is now a fact that they last 40 times longer making the long term cost much less. LED and fluorescent lights are also known to cause short-term visual impairment, headaches and migraines, buy well known branded LED lights to ensure you have the best quality.


Light Performance 

The LED lighting has approximately 60,000 hours of life which means they have significantly lower energy consumption making them 90% more efficient light source. Their effective and reliable power performance ensures the maintenance costs are also low and they are higher safe to use. The low heat emissions from LED lights make air condition more effective, Pakistani summers are extremely hot and any other source of heat in the room will make cooling ineffective. The low temperature of the lighting helps reduce electricity bills and makes cooling even faster.


LED lights use an isolated current driver that is less likely to be interrupted by fluctuations of electricity when compared to halogens. The high powering mechanism and low Total Harmonic Distortion THD guarantee voltage fluctuations will not damage the life of the light. They are compact in size and have high performance as compared to incandescent wire filament systems and CFL light bulbs. They also are designed to be UV and IR radiation-resistant meaning by keeping them on there is no emissions of dangerous harmful energy. They are the eco-friendly replacement to traditional bulbs that have mercury and lead that is difficult to dispose of as waste. 

Types of LED Lights 

The voltages available in LED bulbs are 4W, 60W and 9W that have a beautiful warm white light great for desk lamps and intimate lighting. 9W is also used for ceiling lights along with higher 20W for track lights and 36W LED for slim panel lights. 

There are track LED lights that are a modern multiple bulb strip installed to provide adjustable lighting. These can be installed easily of the ceiling or walls to light up multiple walls or sections of the room. Ideal for providing spotlights on multiple paintings or work stations. Track lighting is used in home and shops as it is used to highlight objects or particular decorations with an elegant warm tone.

There are LED tube lights that are ideal for office, educational institutions, commercial shops and department stores as they light up a large area easily. They are highly effective and power efficient as compared to regular fluorescent tube lights. They outperform traditional tube lights by 50,000 hours making them environmentally friendly and safer for the environment. There are various cooling methods used to keep the LED tube lights safe to use without overheating. By using thermoplastic or aluminium cooler the LED lights will remain durable and long-lasting.

There is smart light available to install in the home or office that have LED bulbs. These lights have an in-built speaker so that users can play songs and control light commands with their smartphones. 

Price List

Model Price
LumiParty Outdoor Waterproof Solar Powered Lamp f… Rs. 2,620
Rope Light GOLDEN/YELLOW Color with All Sizes. Rs. 3,350
Rope Light WHITE Color with All Sizes. Rs. 2,950
6 Inch Foldable LED Fill Light Bracket Selfie Rin… Rs. 3,082
6W12W18W24W LED Panel Light 220V No Drill Mount I… Rs. 3,862
D8 Led Selfie Light Makeup Light Cabinet Lighting… Rs. 1,285
Rope Light GREEN Color with All Sizes. Rs. 2,650
1 Meter to 100 Meter Led Strip Rope light One Col… Rs. 4,256
BESTIN 10" / 26cm Ring Light With 7Feet Stand And… Rs. 1,799
Fancy False Ceiling Roof Room Decoration Glowing … Rs. 1,720
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