Laserjet Printer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Laserjet Printer in Pakistan is Rs.16,598 and estimated average price is Rs.83,092.


Laserjet printers are faster and work well for office environments. Their print technology is better for text and black & white. There are modern laserjet printers that print in colour as well. The prices vary depending on the brand, size and specific model.

Pros & Cons


  • Faster printing

  • Toner does not clog up over time


  • Not so good with images


Laserjet printers

A printing technology that was created by Xerox in the 1970s, at PARC, their research facility.

A faster kind of printing technology, Laserjets are preferred by offices for this reason. It is also an efficient kind of system as all the moving parts are inside the cartridge, so each time one swaps it all the parts that take wear and tear are renewed.

Another advantage of a Laserjet is that if it is not used for extended periods it does not clog up like Inkjets do, this is due to the powder form of ink. In comparison to an Inkjet though a Laserjet is not as good at printing images.

A laserjet printer's drum should not be exposed to light as it messes with the charge that actualises the printing.


Almost all the printer brands produce Laserjets, which is why the prices vary a lot. This and also the sizes and features are many. One can also find Laserjets which print in colour.

Known brands that make laserjets include Epson, HP and Canon.

Price List

Model Price
HP LaserJet Pro Wireless Printer, White, M12W Rs. 62,000
HP LaserJet Pro Printer, White, M12A Rs. 53,500
HP LaserJet Pro Printer, White, M26A Rs. 66,500
HP LaserJet Pro Multi-Function Printer, MFP-M26NW Rs. 85,000
HP LaserJet MFP 137fnw Printer Rs. 69,249
Xerox® VersaLink B400 - ConnectKey® Laser Mono Pr… Rs. 73,900
HP Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M182n Rs. 99,499
HP Color LaserJet MFP 178nw Printer Rs. 89,999
HP Laser Jet pro 107a Printer Rs. 39,499
HP Color LaserJet 150a Printer Rs. 72,499
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