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The Lowest price of Kurkure Chips in Pakistan is Rs.20 and estimated average price is Rs.342.


The popular Pakistani Kurkure is a unique corn puff manufactures by PepsiCo that takes spicy seasoning inspired by South Asian cuisine and blends into a light and crunchy snack.



The 900 calories per bag make it heavy in trans-fats be careful when giving to children. There are strict quality controls and health measures in place to create a safe to consume product under the best hygiene conditions. All ingredients sourced and used to make Kurkure are 100% Halaal certified by SANHA (http://www.sanha.org.pk) that is a government-approved Halaal Certification body.

Pakistani Flavours

There are three main flavours by Kurkure called Red Chilli Jhatka, Chutney Chaska and Cheese Karara. The Chutney Chaska has notes of sweetness and feels less spicy as compared to other flavours. The Sweet Lime Chatpat has all the favourite pickled flavours of sweet lime, mixed in with hot spices that create a sweet and tangy flavour. There are three packet sizes available from small medium and large that can be bought depending on single serving or family sharing requirement. Ideal for parties and the middle of the day snack for kids and adults. Great to keep at the office to have with tea, cold drinks or juice. 

Other Flavours

Kurkure has flavours such as Masala Munch, Naught Tomatoes, Chilli Chatka, Green Chutney Rajastani, Hyderabadi Hangama, Desi Beats Dildaar Masala and  Desi Beats Deewana Tamatar in India that are not available in Pakistan. 

Price List

Model Price
Kurkure Chatni Chaska Rs. 20 Rs. 20
Kurkure Red Chilli Flavour 6 pcs Rs. 350
Kurkure Chatni Chaska Rs. 30 - 24 Pack Carton Rs. 706
Kurkure Chatni Chaska Rs. 10 - 48 Pack Carton Rs. 475
Kurkure Red Chilli Rs. 30 - 24 Pack Carton Rs. 706
Kurkure Red Chilli Jhatka 64g Rs. 30
Kurkure Chutney Chaska 64g Rs. 30
Kurkure Chutney Chaska 40g Rs. 20
Kurkure Red Chilli Jhatka 40g Rs. 20
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