Kolson Pasta Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Kolson Pasta in Pakistan is Rs.31 and estimated average price is Rs.114.


Pasta made in Pakistan. Kolson's range has a few options and is available for a very competitive price, making it affordable for many.


The Kolson brand

Kolson is one of the known local brands that produce a variety of food and snack items. Their catalogue also includes pasta.

Kolson Pasta

One of the most favoured international foods is pasta. It is so widely liked that even in Pakistan it is easy to find, so much so that Kolson is producing it here. Kolson has a few different types of pasta. These include spaghetti, vermicelli, macaroni and lasagna sheets. The macaroni range has elbow macaroni, long macaroni and shell macaroni as well. For vermicelli, there is an option to get cut roasted vermicelli too.

The different kinds have packets that also differ in weight/quantity.


Between the choices mentioned one can choose the pasta they like. The prices of Kolson's pasta range is very competitive, falling within quite an affordable bracket.

Price List

Model Price
Kolson Cup Instant Noodles, Fiery Chatpata, 50g Rs. 125
Kolson Rigged Elbow Macaroni 400g Rs. 150
Kolson Elbow Macaroni 400g Box Rs. 145
Kolson Chunky Chicken Instant Noodles, Family Pac… Rs. 169
Kolson Instant Noodles, Chunky Chicken, 65g Rs. 45
Kolson Penne Macaroni 400g Bag Rs. 150
Kolson Pasta 450g Rs. 80
Kolson Tikka Macaroni 250g Rs. 110
Kolson Large Elbow Macaroni 400g Rs. 150
Kolson Instant Noodles, Fiery Chatpata, 65g Rs. 45
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