Kolson Noodles Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Kolson Noodles in Pakistan is Rs.40 and estimated average price is Rs.107.


Kolson produces a few different edible items. Included in this is their range of instant noodles that make for a quick snack and also Chinese Egg Noodles, which can be used to prepare a full meal.


The Kolson brand

A local brand that has a range of food items, this includes noodles.

Kolson Noodles

This may refer to Kolson instant noodles that are available for a ready to prepare snack. These instant noodles are available in a few different flavours, including Chunky Chicken, Fiery Chatpatta, Poppy Pizza and Smoky Tikka.

The other Kolson noodles are the one's they produce for cooking Chinese meals known as Chinese Egg Noodles. These noodles are made from semolina, cornflour and fresh eggs. At times people also search for Kolson spaghetti calling them noodles, but those are made from different ingredients and are for making pasta, not Chinese food.

The Kolson Chinese Egg Noodles for cooking are available in a package that has 227 grams.

The price of these noodles is nominal, given they are locally produced with materials that are readily available in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Kolson Elbow Macaroni 400g Box Rs. 145
Kolson Pasta 450g Rs. 80
Kolson Tikka Macaroni 250g Rs. 110
Kolson Large Shell Macaroni 400g Rs. 150
Kolson Cup Instant Noodles, Fiery Chatpata, 50g Rs. 125
Kolson Green Tikka Macaroni 250g Rs. 110
Kolson Egg Noodles 227g Rs. 120
Kolson Penne Macaroni 400g Bag Rs. 150
Kolson Cup Instant Noodles, Chunky Chicken, 50g Rs. 125
Kolson Rigged Elbow Macaroni 400g Rs. 150
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