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Kohati Chappal Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Kohati Chappal in Pakistan is Rs.3,500 and estimated average price is Rs.6,612.


The comfortable and breathable design of Kohati Chappal makes it an essential item in every man's wardrobe. It is considered traditional eastern footwear that is stylish and versatile that it can be worn with classic shalwar kameez and jeans as well. The durability of stability of the shoe makes it easy to wear daily to work or throughout the day.


The flexibility of the sole is designed to keep the feet protected from shocks, loose debris and weather conditions such as rain. The two bands going across are wide and securely stitched into the sole covering the entire foot keeping the heel exposed from the back with a slim band that can be clasped at the side. The traditional Kohati Chappal is made with pure leather that with time takes on the shape of the foot like memory foam making it comfortable. The leather can be easily maintained with shoe polish which makes it easy to wear to formal and festive occasions as that brings out a slick shine. Shoe polishes also protect the leather from moisture and nourish the leather, making it last longer.

The variety of designs now include more modern colours, material and stitching that is enjoyed by men and women. The casual Kohati Chappal has a wider opening for the toes that keeps the foot in place while walking giving you extra stability and balance. Aside from the classic black and brown Kohati Chappal, there are blue, pink, tan and grey colours to choose from that will brighten up your seasonal wardrobe. There are velvet and suede Kohati Chappals that are festive and ideal for wedding wear paired with formal shalwar kameez and kurta pyjama outfits.

Price List

Model Price
Novado - Cofee Brown Kublai Khan Genuine Leather… Rs. 7,000
Mian Khan Genuine Leather Kohati Chappal For Men Rs. 7,000
TA Shopping kohati Chappal For Men (SKM147) Rs. 3,500
Novado - Black Mian Khan Genuine Leather Kohati C… Rs. 7,000
Kublai Khan Genuine Leather Kohati Chappal For Men Rs. 7,000
TA Shopping kohati Chappal For Men (SKM146) Rs. 3,500
Novado - Coffee Brown Kublai Khan Genuine Leathe… Rs. 7,000
TA Shopping kohati Chappal For Men (SKM148) Rs. 4,300
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