K&N'S Chicken Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of K&N'S Chicken in Pakistan is Rs.578 and estimated average price is Rs.915.


Frozen foods, commonly called ready-to-cook meals are widely consumed by many for the ease and convenience they bring. Homegrown frozen food chains like K&N's have been in the business for more than a decade now. What started as a poultry farm in 1964 by Mr. Khalil Sattar, has today become one of the largest frozen food manufacturers of chicken snacks and meals in Pakistan. Select your favourite K&N's chicken products from the list below and order them now.


K&N's Chicken prices in Pakistan vary depending on the product and weight but they mostly fall in the affordable category. Pakistan has a strong frozen foods culture and the working Pakistani homemakers prefer ready to cook meals. K&N is one of the top choices for its good quality and the wide range of products offered.

K&N's Chicken Product Range

With a diverse product range K&N's frozen foods include wings, tikka chunks, patty, nuggets, koftas, seekh kebabs etc. The most popular and best K&N's products include:

1. K&N`s Chicken Kafta Kabab

2. K&N`s Chicken Boneless Handi

3. K&N`s Chicken Seekh Kabab

4. K&N`s Chicken Nuggets

5. K&N`S Chicken Tempura

6. K&N`s Chicken Quiche

7. K&N`s Chicken Boti

8. K&N`s Chicken Karahi Cut

9. K&N`s Chicken Chapli Kebabs

10. K&N`s Chicken Kofta

K&N's Farming & Slaughtering

The chickens used in K&N's products all come through vertically integrated poultry operations from breeding, hatching, feed milling, broiler growing and poultry processing. K&N's chickens are halal-certified as they are slaughtered according to the Islamic Zabeeha code, strictly adhering to the Shariah rules even till the final production of halal fully cooked or ready to cook products. Other ingredients used are sourced from top suppliers, keeping the hygiene and health aspect in consideration. 

Frying & Baking

K&N's products can be served within minutes as they are already completely cooked frozen foods. All you need to do is follow instructions on the product carton and fry, bake or heat the food accordingly. The quick and easy foods are convenient when you are getting late for the office or want to pack your child's lunch with a healthy item. 

Price List

Model Price
K&N's Chicken Nuggets, 43-45 Pieces Rs. 1,030
K&N's Chicken Seekh Kabab, 18-Pack Rs. 910
K&N's Chicken Chapli Kabab 12-Pack Rs. 975
K&N's Chicken Shami Kabab, 18-Pack, 648g Rs. 745
K&N's Chicken Tikka Chunks 700g Rs. 990
K&N's Chicken Pepperoni Slices, 168-Pack, Economy… Rs. 940
K&N's Toppingz 'N Fillingz, Fajita, 650g Rs. 1,030
K&N's Chicken Kofta, 30-Pack Rs. 915
K&N's Chicken Tender Pops, 54-60 Pieces Rs. 850
K&N's Chicken Combo Wings, Economy Pack Rs. 965
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