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The Knorr Crispy Fried Chicken recipe has all the favourite Pakistani flavours and seasoning spices that can be mixed into a paste or directly applied to your chicken pieces. The consistency and flavours feel homemade.


Marinade Mix

When using a marinade to make fried chicken the mixture needs to have the right balance of red chilli powder, white pepper, salt, garlic, ginger and onion that are all used in Knorr's recipe. This is a versatile dry powder that can either be used as a thick paste or directly as a dry coat on the chicken.

The marinade is instructed to be left on for 2 hours before preparing the chicken. The instructions also say use 1 cup Maida or White Flour optional additions of Rice Flour or any other personal preferences you have can be mixed into the dry ingredients. Using 1 kg chicken per packet coat each piece completely in the dry powder. Once the 2 hours are done simply deep-fried or bake the chicken. This is a simple recipe that is enjoyed by both kids and adults at parties and dinners. 

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