Kisan Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Kisan Oil in Pakistan is Rs.551 and estimated average price is Rs.3,738.


The state of the art facility owned by Faisalabad Oil Refinery (private limited) known as FOR aims to provide cooking oil that's an enhanced shelf life ensured by the advanced Europeans treatment plant. The company guarantees that the oil processing is protected from any contact with operators or the outside ensuring that it is 100% pure. The cooking oil products by Kisan ensure that consumers can enjoy various plant-based and vegetable oils that are easily available online.


Kisan Sunflower Oil 

As the name suggests the Sunflower oil has Linoleic Acids that are essential omega-6-fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can bring down the risk of heart disease. Incorporating it into the diet can help prevent heart attack, lower dangerously high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reverse the hardening of blood vessels medically known as atherosclerosis. It also has Vitamin E that prevents coronary heart disease, improves immunity along with the benefits of eye health and reducing the risk of cancer. It can be purchased in quantities of 10 litres, 5 litres, 3 litres, 2.5 litres and 1 litre. The oil is packaged in various kinds of containers including tin packs and bottles. There are also half-litre in poly packs for single-serving that make it easy to budget consumption of oil at home. The oil also has soybean included in the final recipe. 

Kisan Canola Cooking Oil

A healthier substitute to butter and animal-based oil is vegetable cooking oil. It is considered part of a healthy diet as it has a low level of fat that is easy to digest. Kisan canola cooking oil is available in packaging of a 16 litres tin, 10-litre tin, 5-litre tin and  2.5-litre tin for family households. The jerry can containers are easy to handle because of their pouring nozzle and cap available in 3 litres can. FOr single serving, there is a 1-litre poly pack that is good for refilling the oil container at home.

Kisan Cooking Oil

The original Kisan Cooking Oil has all sunflower, canola and soybean oils combined into one product. It contains all the benefits of the three kinds of vegetable oils along with essential Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Kisan cooking oil is free of cholesterol helping to improve heart function and lowering high blood pressure. It is available in 5 litres, 3 litres and 2.5-litre tin can that is easy to store in the house. There are also 1-litre bottles that are upright and easy to pour into dishes while cooking.

Price List

Model Price
KISAN Canola Oil 5 liter Can Rs. 3,080
KISAN Vegetable Ghee 5 KG (Bucket) Rs. 2,980
KISAN Vegetable Ghee 5 KG (TIN) Rs. 2,965
KISAN Canola Oil Contains Vitamins E and K. 10 li… Rs. 6,160
KISAN Sunflower Cooking Oil 5 Liter (TIN) Rs. 3,070
Kisan - Pure Vegetable Ghee Bucket – 10 KG Rs. 5,950
KISAN Banaspati Ghee 16 KG (Bucket) Rs. 9,100
Kisan Canola Oil Pb 1Ltr Rs. 551
Kisan Super Oil 3 Ltr Rs. 1,725
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