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The Lowest price of Kisan Ghee in Pakistan is Rs.551 and estimated average price is Rs.4,208.


Kisan Ghee is healthy rich with vitamins and fatty acids that help provide a balanced diet. It can be used to make tasty Pakistani dishes and parathas for the whole family.


Kisan Edible Oil 

The product range of Kisan includes many different kinds of cooking oil including ghee variations for those consumers looking for a richer flavour. Kisan is one of the top cooking oil brands that has adopted VTF Virtually Trans Fat-Free technology in creating vegetable ghee.

Approved & Certified 

The state of the art facility owned by Faisalabad Oil Refinery (private limited) known as FOR aims to provide cooking oil that's an enhanced shelf life ensured by the advanced Europeans treatment plant. The company guarantees that the cooking oil processing is protected from any contact with operators or the outside ensuring that it is 100% pure.  

Healthy & Tasty 

The Kisan Banaspati Ghee is a household essential as it helps makes roti and parathas even tastier. The packaging is easy to use and hygienic available in a bucket form of 2.5 Litres. The vegetable ghee is a great source of Vitamin A and D essential for bone health and growth in children and adults. The lack of vitamin D in Pakistanis is very common and heaving ghee made dishes and bread can help improve that deficiency. It easily melts at low heat and can be incorporated easily into all kinds of food. 

Available Product Sizes 

Kisan VTF vegetable ghee can be bought in containers weighing 16 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, one kg, half kg, quarter kg and 100 gms sachets. The availability of a wide range of packaging makes it easy to ration and budget cooking in ghee for the entire household. The poly packs, tin packs and plastic bucket packs are easily available online depending on your daily requirement. 

Price List

Model Price
KISAN Vegetable Ghee 5 KG (TIN) Rs. 2,965
KISAN Canola Oil 5 liter Can Rs. 3,080
KISAN Vegetable Ghee 5 KG (Bucket) Rs. 2,980
Kisan - Pure Vegetable Ghee Bucket – 10 KG Rs. 5,950
KISAN Banaspati Ghee 16 KG (Bucket) Rs. 9,100
KISAN Canola Oil Contains Vitamins E and K. 10 li… Rs. 6,160
Kisan Pure Ghee bucket 5kg Rs. 3,180
Kisan Pure Ghee bucket 10kg Rs. 6,350
Kisan Pure Ghee bucket 2.5kg Rs. 1,595
Kisan Pure Ghee Tin 2.5kg Rs. 1,590
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