Kingston Usb 64Gb Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Kingston Usb 64Gb in Pakistan is Rs.649 and estimated average price is Rs.1,967.


Kingston produces a range of USBs, this includes variants with 64GBs. There are a few different designs and also speed options. These USBs are compact enough to fit onto a keychain. The price of this device is in the affordable ranges.

Pros & Cons


  • Can pick up malware


The Flash Memory market has a few top contenders, Kingston is one of them. The brand produces a range of devices and that includes USBs. Among their options, one can find 64GB USBs.


A useful device, a Kingston 64GB USB has many convenient uses. The foremost being the quick transfer or storage of files. One can also use it as a bootable drive for an OS or for a diagnostic tool that can be inserted into servers or other systems. For the size a 64GB is very useful, it can be carried on your keychain.

The portability and speed make it super convenient. The transfer speeds vary depending on the USB standard; if it is a USB 2.0 it will be slower than a USB 3.0. The port it is inserted into also has to be a similar standard for the speeds to be optimum. One can find a Kingston 64GB USB which has multiple porting options, so it can be inserted into a USB-A as well as a Type-C, making it more versatile.


Over time a USB drive does deteriorate but this is after tens of thousands of read and write cycles. Kingston 64GB USBs, like other USBs, do not have any moving parts which makes them generally durable devices.

The price of this device is in the affordable ranges.

Price List

Model Price
32gb/64gb Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Original U… Rs. 800
Kingston 64GB USB 3.1/3.0/2.9 Data Traveler 100 G… Rs. 1,900
Kingston 64GB DTX DataTraveler Exodia Flash Drive… Rs. 1,349
Kingston Data Traveler MicroDuo3 G2 64GB OTG USB … Rs. 3,000
Kingston 64GB USB 3.1/3.0/2.0 Data Traveler SE9 G… Rs. 2,600
USB Flash Drive - Kingston - 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/50… Rs. 649
USB Flash Drive - Kingston - 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/50… Rs. 849
Kingston USB 3.0 64 GB SWIVL Genuine Rs. 1,950
Kingston USB Flash Drive 64 GB Lifetime Warranty-… Rs. 999
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