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The Lowest price of Kenzo Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs.5,500 and estimated average price is Rs.10,658.


A Japanese brand based in Paris, Kenzo has a line for fragrances as well. There are a lot of options that have come out over the brand's life. Kenzo has perfumes and colognes of many different types, making it easy for most people to find something they like. The brand is somewhat costly, with prices that are above an affordable range but still not at the mid-range.


Kenzo was established by Kenzo Takada in 1970, it is a brand that is known for bringing Japanese elements to mainstream fashion. Later a fragrance segment was set up under the Kenzo Parfums label in 1987. Although the brand did release a scent or two before the official line was started, showing that Kenzo Takada already had an interest in fragrances.

There are a lot of lines from the brand that are success stories, for men and women too.

Kenzo perfumes

The flagship scent from Kenzo is a perfume, Flower by Kenzo. Created by the legend Alberto Morillas in collaboration with Christian Dussoulier. This is an amber and floral scent that mixes nature into one's high-paced city life. Over time this line has expanded into a lot more versions.

Other top options for women include Kenzo World, Kenzo Amour and Jungle L’Elephant. These all have their own feel, with Kenzo World known for being a great floral with a juicy fruitiness to it. Kenzo Amour is a vanilla based floral fragrance and Jungle L’Elephant is an animalistic perfume that is based on Oriental and spicy notes.

Kenzo colognes

In the men's segment, the most well-known option is Kenzo Pour Homme from 1991. This is an aromatic and aquatic cologne with strong wood notes as well. This makes for a great daytime scent and was concocted by Christian Mathieu. The Pour Homme line has had many more iterations come out over the years. The other top cologne options from Kenzo include Kenzo Jungle Homme and Air by Kenzo.

Jungle Homme is inspired by zebras and is a spicy masculine scent with wood and citrus notes. Air on the other hand is a mix of lighter tones, as the name also suggests. It has softer spice, floral notes, musk and wood tones; making for a carefree scent that also reminds one of childhood.


Kenzo is not so known in Pakistan, but internationally is a brand of repute. Both with the fashion and fragrance segments. The quality of their products is high as are the prices.

The fragrances fall in a range that is higher than affordable but shy of being in the mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Kenzo Homme EDP 100ML Rs. 11,093
Kenzo Aqua Pour Femme EDT 100ML Rs. 10,360
Kenzo World EDT 75ML Rs. 11,999
Kenzo L'Eau Pour Homme, EDT, Fragrance For Men, 1… Rs. 13,300
Kenzo Floralista EDT 50ML Rs. 10,900
Kenzo Homme EDP 100ml Rs. 13,500
Kenzo World Eau De Parfum, Fragrance For Women, 7… Rs. 9,975
Kenzo Homme Set Eau De Toilette 100ml + Eau De To… Rs. 15,675
Kenzo jungle homme EDT 100ml Rs. 5,500
Kenzo Amour EDT 40ml Rs. 10,900
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